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Graciela Maria - Underwater.

I thought that I would trawl back through Project: Mooncircle's Soundcloud to see what I would discover. I’d not yet gone many pages back.

Lying in amongst page 4, was this beauty posted a year ago. I don’t know quite how I’d talk about it without making some very vague statements. It has a thoroughly soothing vocal throughout, sensually singing “Underwater” into your eardrums as you slowly sink into the liquid symphony. But not everything is left at such a relaxed note; the beat has a subtle but persistent stomp with that lovely bass kick, and the synths do the exact opposite of the vocals. They bring warped, electronic buzzes and some high keys to fly around your conscience and provide an audio-filled ecstasy.

Incase you hadn’t guess, I’d rate this rather highly.

The lovely people at the Mooncircle are giving this away free, click here.

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