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How To Dress Well - And It Was U.

My mind is still absolutely reeling from the minimal, stripped down nature of HTDW's productions. With so few elements Tom Krell (HTDW) is able to build a beautiful soundscape that fills my ears in much the same way complex music often can. In my opinion it’s actually harder to make music that is simpler, because the less elements there are, the more timing and content becomes the focus.

There is a distance in Krell’s tracks which is down to his signature reverb/echo. It rises and falls throughout the songs, ranging from slight amounts to so much that it sounds like the singing is on the other side of a giant hall. The echo also creates a disembodied feeling to the music, a ghostly lack of presence.

Out of any factors, I notice the feeling that HTDW's music creates the most. It is a mashed up mix of soul and electronic, predominantly. When the beat starts stomping in this tune it really opens up, harmoniously orbiting around Tom Krell's wonderful vocals. There is a sorrow that I cannot pinpoint with this new era of Krell's music, and though it's not all openly unhappy, this album pretty much causes me heartache.

That aside, I could not recommend any other musician any more than ‘How To Dress Well' right now. Go and take a listen.

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