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TwoThirds & BadApple - Sense of Being (ft. Veela).

I’ve been a bit busy this last week and a bit tired of existence. Thankfully songs like this exist to put me back on track.

This is, without a doubt, leagues and leagues above almost all drum and bass songs. And then a few more leagues again. The percussion could be labelled as minimal, yet their simplicity weave a depth, and an intricate peace and bliss that I’ve never experienced before from a music genre that is commonly associated with jumping around like a lunatic. There have been many that come close, but never like this.┬áThe punctuated bass that pounds only in bursts also adds to the deep, enveloping soundscape. I find it hard to fully concentrate when listening to this, and am carried away.

And, of course, Veela's vocals are just as important. Beautiful doesn't accurately cover them. Ethereal may be closer. Listen, and get lost.

I’m considering buying the compilation ‘Blood Pressure' from Med School Music that this has been released on, simply so I can own this beauty on vinyl.


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    Maybe the world would change if everyone listened to this. I’m completely in love.
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