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Asa & StumbleineTourniquet (feat. Shura & CoMa).

This last week I’ve been more busy than I can fathom. One of things that has kept me going, is knowing that the 7th of May will hold the release of Your Secret EP, the much anticipated collaboration from Asa & Stumbleine, forthcoming Inspected.

This is beautiful to say the very least. I’m a big fan of the vocal talents of both CoMa and Shura, and I was wondering when they’d join forces. It’s a force to be reckoned with; beautiful reverberation and drowning vocals.

Over any other tracks I’ve heard from the EP, this one is the most laden with nostalgia. It spills out through the whispers of the vocalists, the shakes of the percussion and the violin. If this song had a picture, it would be in sepia.

Your Secret EP is out in just two days. Buy it, if you’re not already considering it.

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