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Stumbleine - Sun Bleached (Sipp Remix) [preview].

I have always been a huge fan of Stumbleine. He’s probably one of my top artists of all time. His music is evocative, so well produced, and soaked in nostalgia.

I recently followed the Canadian, slightly more experimental producer Sipp because Deft had remixed one of his tracks, and yesterday the decision completely paid off - this track appeared.

What can I say? Words won’t really accurately present my thoughts and feelings towards this stunning remix. This track actually feels deeper than Stumbleine’s more hazy, dreamy original. It’s as if a summer’s day has become a contemplative night of reminiscing around a fire. The vocal samples are expertly used, placed and tweaked, and Sipp's production is 100% perfect. I cannot believe this is only a preview! This is going to be one of my sounds of 2012, I know it already.

There will be a full free download of this soon. I’m looking forward to it.

Click here for Stumbleine’s original.


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