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Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle - You & Me (Bicep Remix).

(I know I’ve posted this already but I wanted to write something properly about it).

Following the instant success of Disclosure's most recent single, a string of remixes have appeared for 'You & Me' by the likes of Baauer, Toro Y Moi and Bicep.

Bicep's rendition of the devilishly catchy disco house track is by far my favourite. The warm sounding synths are stripped away and the steady beat is replaced with bouncing house drums and drum skitters. Eliza Doolittle's vocals are spaced out and drowned in reverb, her voice beautifully echoing all around the soundscape.

The track builds builds up, with Doolittle’s lyric “we’re meant to be" becoming a catchy hook amongst the thudding bass drum. As the track breaks down, a propulsive yet minimal beat leads with warbling synth jolts.

This would utterly wreck a dancefloor.

Lone - Begin To Begin.

Lone is set to drop ‘Airglow Fires’ via R&S Records on July 8th. This pan flute fuelled dreamscape is the B side to that release.

The tune opens with cloud-like synth notes, bringing in a skipping beat that builds into a skittering mix of claps and pads. Lustrous heavy sub bass flow beneath the sounds like water under a bridge, and airy synths play in during the mid-section, building back up to the beat with the pan flutes more ethereal than ever.

Lovely tune to drift away to, an extraordinary palette of sounds that conjure an indigenous feel in amongst the electronic bliss.

Click here to pre-order the record.

Gold PandaWe Work Nights.

Gold Panda has just dropped his second album ‘Half Of Where You Live' via NOTOWN/Ghostly International. This track was revealed just before the release, so I couldn't help but get pretty excited about the album. Though I'm yet to give it a full listen, this track is a perfect starting point.

The track starts with a plethora of keys and synth, warbling together in the intro as they gradually build up to the beautiful strings that open ‘We Work Nights’ into its skittering main beatwork. The juxtaposition of the slow strums with the synth stabs and bopping tempo create an immersive soundscape, and as more layers are added this track bursts out into an world orchestra.

There is a brief slow down in speed that showcases contemplative, sorrowful synth drones which then rise back into the wonderful collection of sounds that make this track a masterpiece.

Solid tune by Gold Panda, which will give a good start to his much anticipated follow up album from his critically acclaimed debut ‘Lucky Shiner’.

(Source: reverb-audio / Gold Panda)